Foundation Apprenticeship
Food and Drink Technologies

Length: Academic year – 2 x double period per week or 1 day per week                    (minus exam leave: August-March)

Years: S5 & S6

Students are supported in taking a product from concept to implementation. They will learn hands-on growing skills and the fundamentals of marketing, research and development, where they will identify their target audience and then devise a marketing plan to sell their products.

This course includes visits to local farms and food related businesses as well as talks and demonstrations from entrepreneurs.

Students will gain an understanding of strategic planning, logistics and distribution as well as experiencing different media outlets and e-commerce.

This is a fantastic way for students to work individually and in groups, enjoying the outdoors, boosting creativity and self esteem.

Work-based Learning (assessed throughout the year, not on exams)

National 5 and Higher Education

Gain Industry Recognised Qualifications

Pathways to Modern Apprenticeship or Employment

Equivalent to 2 Higher Qualifications or more

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    Foundation Apprenticeship -Business Skills – 1 Higher Equivalent

    Course Overview – There are two parts to this Qualification including an NPA level 6 and an SVQ level 3 Apprenticeship in Business and Administration. There are no Exams and this course will assessed throughout the year. Delivery will be a blend of on-line, in class and out in the workplace.

    NPA SCQF Level 6 – You will come to understand the features of SME’s and Large organisations across economic sectors and investigate how they work. You willlearn about the management of people and finance, investigate contemporary business issues and increase your skills in word, excel and powerpoint.

    SVQ Apprenticeship Business and Administration SCQF Level 6 – You will gain experience of working in a real business and administrative setting, where you will learn the skills and knowledge required to be competent in a business and administration role. you will cover a broad range of activities with significant complexity, responsibility and autonomy. Yopu will learn how to mange your workload. communicate with others, improve your own performance, planning, events and customer service aswell as document production to manage resources and data.

    Candidate Requirements – * Currently studying or working towards Level 5 in English, Maths, Business or Administration. * Having an interest in Business or Administrationis essential. An interest is Management, Accountancy, Finance and Economics would be an advantage. * This is a one year course and so you must commit to this course for this length of time.

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      Bespoke Courses

      We can also design a bespoke course based on your requirements.

      Here is an example of a course we can design and tailor to your needs:

      Length: 12-week taster sessions – 1 x double period per week

      Years: S3 & S4

      The Masterclass Course provides a condensed version of the full academic employability course above, allowing younger pupils a taster of the more in-depth course when they come to make subject choices.

      During these courses, students will gain the skills and confidence to think and act like entrepreneurs. They each include elements of team building and access to industry networks throughout the north of Scotland.

      Contact us for more info.