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The Farmer Jones Academy are creating opportunities for youngsters at risk of not reaching a positive destination.

We offer young people the opportunity to gain a better knowledge and hands on experience of the Agriculture, Food and Drink industry. We then mix this with our business courses where we promote entrepreneurship and fundamental marketing skills within farming, and we have a unique and impactful service to offer to young people within Scotland.

The key objective is to create a joined-up approach between young people, schools, further education and local businesses.

Social Aims

Farming Hubs that will give vulnerable youth, unemployed youth and schools pupils a safe space to learn, create and express themselves.

Developing croft and commerce projects that allow youngsters to take ownership of projects, reaping the rewards for their hard work and efforts.

Courses designed to give young people fundamental business and entrepreneurial skills.

Giving young people an e-platform to sell their products and sample the world of e-commerce.

Opportunities for young people to learn the basics on exporting goods internationally.

Link young people with local businesses and facilitate mentorship programs.

Training designed to build up the confidence and self-esteem of our young people.

Integration and mentorship programs for Primary pupils going into Secondary Education

How can you get involved?

The Farmer Jones Academy is a social enterprise and therefore all profits made will be re-invested back into the local community.

Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities If you would be interested in supporting The Farmer Jones Academy we would very much like to hear from you. Here are the different ways in which you can get involved with our project;

  • Main Partners (as a main partner/sponsor, your business will appear on all Farmer Jones promotional material and merchandise. You are also supporting the delivery of training and investing in the development of our Farming Hubs through-out the year. We will have a maximum of 5 main partners per year.)

12 Months Sponsorship - £2500

  • Seasonal Sponsors – (as a seasonal sponsor you would be supporting our training delivery within a specific school and season. Your company will be mentioned on our online/social media channels prior and post sessions and your logo will be printed on our course workbooks.

4 Months Sponsorship - £1200

  • Workshop Sponsor – (you would be supporting the delivery of an individual course to be delivered within a school or to a community group. Your company will be mentioned on-line and social media prior and post workshop as well as having your logo displayed in the workshop booklet.)

One-Off Workshop Sponsorship - £400

  • Speakers and Mentors – (we are constantly looking for local business representatives to contribute to our farming, food and drink workshops as well as our entrepreneurial workshops. We are also looking for businesses that would be interested in mentoring specific individuals or small groups.)

  • Donations – (As a Community Interest Company we are constantly seeking support from key influencers in our community. This could be in the form of; financial support, time or expertise.)



Buy our hampers

You can also support us by purchasing a hamper throughout the year or popping along to a farmers market we're at and buying some products. We work with small, local independent businesses across the Scottish highlands to showcase the best of food and drink. When you buy from us, you're not only supporting a local business but all profits we make go back into supporting the Farmer Jones Academy in schools.

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